Hair Megaspray Spray

Application features Hair Megaspray

One of the most important reasons why you should buy this tool, is the ease of use. Unique product with natural composition is available in convenient bottles with a sprayer. This method of production allows to use the spray at any time in any place. The tool does not stain items of clothing, and the dispenser issues the amount of liquid which is enough for one application. A small bottle can be put in purse and take with you to any place (a business trip, tourist trip, trip with relatives, the resort, etc.). This tool does not require long, complex and piecemeal treatment of baldness. To achieve the desired result simply apply the contents of the vial on the hair roots once a day for 4-5 weeks.

How to use spray Hair Megaspray

Along with the spray Hair Megaspray in the package there are instructions for use of this drug. To resolve the problem of baldness, strengthen hair, accelerate their growth, nourish follicles vitamins and minerals, and also to provide luster and richness of tresses, you must comply with the following recommendations:

  • shake the bottle;
  • spray the contents onto a dry (or slightly damp), pre-washed hair;
  • do light massage with fingers for 5-10 minutes;
  • wrap your head with cling film or a plastic bag, and the top, tie a handkerchief or towel;
  • after 1 hour, wash the head under warm running water, using a shampoo or a hair gel;
  • dry hair, then style the hair.

If you treat your beard to enhance hair growth, to create a greenhouse effect is not necessary – in this case, simply apply the spray to the roots of hair and rinse after 1 hour.