Treatment mask for hair — a quick recovery

Fashion is an index that is constantly changing, capricious, and imposes certain requirements. Of course, the trend is good, but what remains unchanged is attractive curls that are different gloss, natural beauty, splendor, density.

Beautiful hair is not always a gift of nature. With proper and attention to detail care for curls, even the most damaged hair can buy natural attractiveness, Shine and health.

quick hair restoration

After various illnesses, stress, or even the hot summer season. curls are too dull, brittle and rather lifeless. Return them to the unsurpassed beauty and globally will help to improve the natural mask for hair treatment. It is reasonable to choose the recipe or that funds can be the case when you know the real problem. Showing diligence and patience, you can restore your hair not only strength, but a natural Shine.

Tools for active growth of hair

Significantly accelerate the steady growth of tresses will help the most simple treatment mask for hair. Take a few egg yolks and apply it on the hair, gently massaging them into the scalp. Curls must be carefully wrap to preserve the maximum heat, and after half an hour rinse with warm water.

Another egg mask is great for promote hair growth:

  • one separated yolk;
  • two tablespoons of any good cognac;
  • two tablespoons of regular crude oil (vegetable oil).

All the ingredients you will need to carefully mix and apply on hair. Home remedy washed off after 30 minutes with lukewarm water to the egg yolks began to curl.

Popular recipes of masks to enhance hair growth:

  • You cannot leave without special attention to mask with the usual mustard. Need to purchase spoon dry mustard, warm boiled water, spoon of regular cooking oil and sugar, and the yolk. Such a composition it is more advisable to put on slightly damp hair, wrap it with a towel and after 15 minutes just rinse with water and selected for your hair type shampoo.
  • Honey-onion mask will not only greatly accelerate natural hair growth, but also improve them. Onion juice and raw honey in equal proportion, mix, apply literally half an hour on the roots of the curls. Then just rinse with plain water.
  • Mask for hair treatment with conventional gelatin is an excellent food for bulbs. Spoon gelatin soak in warm boiled water to complete swelling. The resulting texture to add to your regular shampoo. Simply lather the hair with this mixture and rinse with warm water after few minutes.

After using any of these masks in the course of a month it is better to make a break to healthy hair does not get used and were able to actively grow. If there is a need, you can repeat the treatment with homemade cosmetics from natural products.

Clay masks for hair restoration

Individual attention, masks for hair treatment by adding the clay:

  1. For dry locks, you should choose pink clay, for oily – just white, and at dandruff – only green. So after using this clay mask, the hair wasn't too dry or heavy, it is necessary to use high-quality conditioner or balm.
  2. A simple and quite affordable option therapeutic hair mask is acquired thorough mixing of the clay with high-quality herbal tea. The resulting consistency should resemble conventional liquid slurry. Rinse off homemade cosmetics recommended after 30 minutes.

The composition must be extremely fresh, because the validity of it may be reduced to a minimum. Use a good quality mask, which consists of clay, have a single method: application of a warm long bath, rinsing under running water with shampoo or without it.

Castor oil helps to restore curls.

recovery methods
  • Thoroughly whisk yolk with one spoon of regular castor oil. Put on the curls and after 3 hours, rinse them thoroughly. The mask will help to cure bad dandruff.
  • Just an hour before planned wash warm mixture of castor and olive oils are fragrant, add the egg yolk and massage gently into the scalp.
  • Treatment hair masks often include burdock. It is enough to take one teaspoon of this ingredient, one egg yolk, a little honey and a spoonful of brandy. Components mix and gently apply along the length of the curls. The mask is kept under a towel for several hours. After using cosmetics, wash the hair with usual shampoo.

Mask with a small addition of oil to efficiently act not only on hair but on scalp. With their help, you will be able to establish circulation that supplies follicle with necessary nutrients. The hair will become more to grow, regain its natural Shine and attractiveness.

You can use other scented oils to repair damaged hair, but it is better to start to consult a specialist to understand what the problem really is inherent in your hair at the moment.

Return to hair's natural Shine

Often the best quality and reliable mask for eye-catching Shine of the curls are prepared with eggs, coffee, mayonnaise, fresh aloe juice, beet or carrot juice:

  1. Brew some coffee – a couple of tablespoons. Warm broth is prepared is distributed evenly throughout the length a little wet, but washed hair. It should be noted that such reducing agent is suitable only for owners of dark hair, because blondes can easily become dark after just one use. The mask must be held not more than half an hour after wash with water matching the type of hair shampoo.
  2. Fresh juice is useful in all senses of aloe rubbed with massage into the scalp. Curls must be wrapped with a towel, leave in complete peace and warmth at 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. It is recommended to use this homemade cosmetic product does not more often several times in one week.