Keratin hair straightening at home: reviews, photos

Undoubtedly, many ladies have heard about hair straightening keratin. Experts say that after the session, hair will gain strength and density. Moreover, you will become healthier. This rectification of the real magic wand for girls-dandelions. Let's see if this?

keratin hair restoration

What is keratin straightening and the essence of the method

Are you a fan of different hairstyles? Permanently straighten your hair, use a hair dryer? Of course, all this spoils the natural structure of the strands. Every time you use heat styling more and more make head of hair drained and brittle. Then keratin straightening is the perfect solution for You. It will make Your strands healthy and strong again, will give natural Shine and softness. Currently, this type of straightening the safest and most effective among all. Therapy keratin restores not only the upper structure of damaged hair, but also the active ingredients penetrate to the hair roots and strands completely heals. This cosmetic intervention in any case will help to achieve a perfectly smooth strands and it does not depend on the degree of damage.

Why the procedure is so useful and even miraculous? In this mass, which will be applied to the hair, are exclusively natural ingredients. Of course, keratin is a key substance. First of all, in the natural structure of keratin consists of amino acids, which in turn is vital to the cuticle. Thus, the locks they supplied the missing components. Also strands absorb zinc and vitamin B6 that will make them strong.

For any hair-a keratin hair straightening?

Straightening recovery can be done on all types of hair. Especially often resort to it girls:

  • Dry and/or brittle;
  • Parched after dyeing strands;
  • Curls that have gone perming or straightening;
  • Fluffy, curly hair;

Moreover, the keratin will work the same on all hair types: African, European and Asian. Many of the stars of world scale has already managed to transform using this type of rectification. All famous Rihanna before went with the African curls. Also Lily Collins and Beyonce blessed with curly type.

Advantages and disadvantages

The application of keratin has both pluses and minuses. Positive is not going to go deep because all of them are listed in item No1. We recall the main: makes hair smooth, heals and protects each hair. You can also forget about bad effect of electrification. Moreover, keratin cure tips. Keratin molecules penetrate deep into the structure of the hair shaft and glued all the scales.

Along with the positive aspects, keratin straightening, you may notice some significant drawbacks. Stay on the main points:

  • Formaldehyde – a substance that include many beauty products. It tends to accumulate in the body, and its remnants then have a negative impact on the health of the body. However, the products from the States claim that not contain this ingredient. However, some manufacturers secretly use formaldehyde;
  • Also part of other funds for keratin straightening includes additional chemicals that are banned in Europe and the States, but the domestic market is full of the things;
  • Incredibly high price. Of course, it depends on the choice of the salon and brand of tools;
  • After rectification for 3 days should be very careful with curls: you can not wash your hair, use hair clips, rubber bands and other things that can make bends in the strands;
  • After the session it is not excluded the loss of volume;
  • Needed special care, which will take a bit more time.

There are two types of keratin hair straightening: Brazilian and American. The process and means of both methods are different, so each has its positive and negative aspects.

Brazilian straightening

For the Brazilian way take cosmetic products, including special protein – keratin. This kind of procedure is good because is without a single toxic substances. Brazilian serum consists only of natural components. However, the concentration of active substances is higher than the American, so the healing properties are not effective. This straightening very gently effect, weakening the cuticle so the keratin penetrates deeply into the matrix of the hair.

The disadvantages include thermal treatment of the strands. The fact that the Brazilian straightening is not the required low temperature, under the influence of which the keratin will roll and fix on the hair. After application and drying, use a special hair iron, preheated to 235 degrees. They treated each strand from 3 to 8 times. The whole procedure lasts about 2 hours.

the result of the rectification

The procedure is suitable for any hair, and not long to wait for the result: hair becomes smooth and shiny! Effect after the Brazilian keratin straightening will stay 4-5 months.


American and Brazilian straightening function is almost the same. The difference is that American allowed in the course of serum without formaldehyde. Accordingly, this serum is environmentally friendly and does not destroy health. Natural keratin, which is the special shampoo, nourishes and improves the hair structure. Ladies with brittle strands should pay attention to this option. After keratin treatment your hair will acquire a healthy glow, and the structure of the curl will be perfectly straight.

The disadvantages include the fact that it is one of the most expensive salon treatment, but the effect will remain only for 2-3 months. After processing of the strands, split ends will become visually noticeable. Moreover, this method will make the hair mirror-shiny, but they will lose volume. The alignment lasts for about 3 hours.

How to do the procedure at home: step by step instructions with photos

Keratin straightening can be done at home. Of course, the cabin owners frizzy hair, the procedure will hold much more effective and safer. If You intend to do it yourself, then first of all prepare the soil. The first step is to buy a good special facilities with natural composition. They usually are more expensive, but You protect yourself from harmful chemical exposure.

You will also need:

  • Professional deep cleansing shampoo. It is 100% rid the hair and scalp from the remnants of any cosmetic products;
  • The mixture with natural keratin. Can buy complex. It includes various vitamins and other proteins. Such components will bring most benefit;
  • Atomizer. It will help evenly apply the funds for any length of locks;
  • Hair straightener (ceramic coating does not hurt). The most important is the temperature of the heating to over 200 degrees. Otherwise the keratin to be fixed;
  • The dryer/styling;
  • Medical gloves, capacity, comb with a fine teeth comb for coloring, hairdressing clips.

Proceed directly to the process. The first thing to do is to wash your hair with shampoo with deep cleansing. It is desirable to make it twice as carefully as possible. So You just get rid of all types of pollution. After remove the moisture with a towel and walk a Hairdryer, but do not dry until the end. Then carefully comb your hair and separate them into strands of 3-4 cm, You should fix them with clips so they do not accidentally mixed up.

So, the first step is made. Now for the most crucial moment. Pour in a jar of keratin. Its volume is proportional to the length of the curls is 1:3. Pour on hair. do not apply the mixture closer than 1 cm to the scalp. Moreover, it is impossible to overdo it: a small amount will not saturate the hair, and spent all the forces go into the abyss and too big to oversaturate and make the hair greasy. After a little comb. Keratin hold on the strands for 10-15 minutes. Then dry with a Hairdryer on the cool mode.

The third and final step is alignment. Heat the iron to 230 degrees. Begin to align with fine strands with a width of 1 cm, gradually becoming wider. For each hair walk 5-8 times. At the end gently comb the hair. At home laying takes up to 4 hours of Your time.


Despite all the beneficial properties of keratin, there are few contraindications to its use. The most significant negative – formaldehyde. How not cool, but even in minimal quantity, it is composed of keratin serum. You can ignore all the loud statements that the procedure will take place without this component – it's just a publicity stunt. Formaldehyde is dangerous because, being present in the body, the substance can cause headaches. The worst is the deterioration of the Central nervous system. There is also the possibility of negative impact on vision. Because of the disappointing parties, keratin straightening, pregnant and lactating women, procedure is strictly prohibited. People with cancer also better not to do it.

In other situations the alignment is prohibited for those who have diseases of the scalp or any scratches. It is best to see a dermatologist and to check possible sensitivity.

beautiful hair

The consequences and possible harm

Worldwide popular keratin alignment. Beauty salons offer this service, promising that the curls will look healthy. This treatment really will form a protective layer on Your damaged strands. The hair will get the required useful components. Of course, these aspects of alignment is good. But it is worth thinking about the harmful effects. Besides the fact that it's external influence on the hair can undermine Your health, it has other unexpected and even contradictory properties. For example, a high temperature well, does not improve the condition of hair.

Moreover, you will have to wash your hair frequently, as due to the loss of volume, sebum will be absorbed by the hair. This leads to poor appearance, and not to beautiful long locks. This home hair care becomes more difficult and requires more strength. No balms or professional tools will not help here! But on the other hand strands become very obedient and blindingly shiny. Isn't that what You wanted?

Proper care after the procedure

What's the next thing? Of course, after keratin straightening, you must follow some rules to keep the effect of the straight strands. First and foremost, don't wash your hair for three days. After you choose a shampoo without sulfates, so the quantity of keratin will remain the same. Moreover, refrain at this time from the use of special tools for styling hair. Also avoid pins, to not get broken or wavy hair. Try as much as possible to drying with a hair dryer strands, so You longer save the recovered damaged hair.

The recommendations and advice of experts

Of course, every lady wants to save the effect after the procedure for a longer time. Specialists have little tricks that we picked up for You. The shell is not destroyed, use less hair dryer and shampoo with sulfates. Also prefer hair brush with natural bristles, it will not make locks brittle. Moreover, it is not necessary to go to the sauna or have contact with salt water.