Aloe Vera for hair — benefits and applications

Aloe Vera is among the most popular plants, which are widely used in cosmetics and folk medicine. Experienced healers can cure various diseases with fleshy stems. A modern girl can use the valuable qualities of aloe for hair care. It is a fact that a unique plant can easily cope with dandruff, dryness, section, and other imperfections.


Composition aloe

The pulp of aloe Vera with very popular used in home healing. But before talking about the benefits, it is necessary to consider the chemical composition of aloe.

The plant includes a lot of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is necessary to combat alopecia, that is massive hair loss. As a result of systematic use of aloe strengthens the hair follicles, the hair stopped falling out. Moreover, ascorbic acid is a natural antiseptic, which prevents development of the fungus.

Has not done without participation of amino acids, flavonoids, glycosides', mineral salts, carbohydrates, enzymes, tannins, vitamins B and tocopherol. All these substances are necessary for proper growth, strength, softness and complete wetting throughout its length.

The composition of aloe Vera includes such rare items as catechin and allantoin. They are required to power the cells and smoothing scales, as well as protecting hair from external stimuli (sun, wind, frost and other adverse weather conditions).

Use aloe Vera for hair

  1. These incoming elements are required in the first place, to restore very damaged hair. With regular use devices for hair styling their structure is depleted. It must be nourished from root to tip, this will help aloe Vera.
  2. Due to its antioxidant properties, which are possible due to the presence of tocopherol and ascorbic acid, aloe prolongs youthfulness of the skin. The mask on the basis of a plant exfoliate the cornea layer of cells and eliminate clogged pores.
  3. In the field of domestic medicine and cosmetology typically used gel or aloe juice. Properties of the obtained extracts are the same. Aloe supports fluid balance in the skin, preventing dryness of hair.
  4. Girls who constantly suffer from severe zaselennosti hair, can now sigh with relief. A basic property of plants is the resolution of the generation of subcutaneous fat. Hair will no longer look greasy 4 hours after washing.
  5. Useful plant to combat oily seborrhea, dandruff, and other imperfections of this kind. Soothing and bactericidal effect quickly cope with the peeling.
  6. Interestingly, aloe Vera is suitable for absolutely all hair types, even if your scalp is highly sensitive. It also restores the natural pigmentation of the strands and maintains the color after staining.

Aloe Vera juice for hair

  1. Aloe Vera juice is the most popular method of hair treatment using this plant. To begin cooking, cut the bottom part 3 of the aloe leaf. Wash them under the tap and dry it from water.
  2. Prepare blank sheets of paper, fold them each stalk and leave in refrigerator for 6-7 days. After the allotted time, get rid of all the thorns that may be present on the stems.
  3. Prepare a blender, chop the aloe Vera and soak in the appliance. Grind to a fine porridge, then put it in 4 layers of fabric. Twist the pouch, squeeze the juice in a separate dry bowl.
  4. In this case, under the action of low temperatures aloe pulp gives up the juice better, so the stems need to pre-soak in the refrigerator.
  5. If you can not make juice on their own, purchase it at your local pharmacy. The essence will not change, and the cost of funds is low enough. Use the juice as ingredient for masks or massage into the scalp in its pure form.
  6. If we are talking about individual use juice should be applied at room temperature on a dirty scalp and RUB for 5 minutes. After that, the composition is aged for another half hour to secure the result, then hair are washed with shampoo.
  7. Regular use of aloe Vera juice prevents dandruff, reduces hair loss, accelerates growth. Also hair will certainly become softer and will be easier to succumb to the styling.

Other ways to use aloe Vera for hair



  1. Composition can be purchased at the pharmacy or cosmetic store, but it's easier to cook it on their own. This will get the juice from aloe Vera in any way.
  2. Send it in a container and set on a steam bath. Heat to reduce in volume by 8-10 times. This tool has excellent healing, soothing, antibacterial properties.
  3. The gel penetrates deep into the hair shaft and nourishes the bulbs and firmly secured them in their places. Most often, the tool recommended for use to return the hair Shine and easy combing.


  1. Another effective remedy to combat dandruff, slow growth, hair loss. Tinctures are used solely before the washing procedure, after 2 sessions already noticeable result.
  2. To prepare the composition, take three fleshy stalk of aloe and blend. Pour 200 ml of vodka, send the cold and dark for 4 days. Then can't filter out, just move on to use.
  3. Before first use, test to verify the absence of individual intolerance and allergic reactions. To do this, apply the tincture on the skin behind the ear, wait half an hour and rinse. If there are blisters and redness, start the treatment of hair.


  1. Pure juice, gel on the basis of his or the infusion can be added in any mask. So you enhance the action of the main ingredients and additionally maintain the hair with nutrients.
  2. Masks are homemade are natural growth stimulants, anti-dandruff and alopecia, excessive fat. Usually universal means suitable for all types of stacks.
  3. As in the case of tincture, first make sure that you normally takes part. After that smear the tool first in the scalp, then stretch to the tips and wait 30-45 minutes.

Aloe for weak and dry hair


To restore the hair and return to her original appearance, you need to use a simple recipe. Take a small bowl and connect it in equal proportions of aloe Vera juice, castor oil and honey.

  1. Proportions count based on the length of tresses. For hair of medium length sufficient to take in 35 grams. every substance. Components heat on a steam bath until complete dissolution of honey.
  2. Apply it from roots to ends, cover in the normal way. The mask must withstand at least an hour. A similar procedure is permitted to carry out 3 times a week. Make a mask until then, until he noticed a clear result.

Aloe Vera with of hair

  1. Aloe has a number of positive qualities and rich composition. Special enzymes in the plant establish the activity of sebaceous glands. The systematic application of aloe solves problems with increased oiliness of the hair.
  2. Turn to a pulp a small amount of plant stems and place in glass containers. Pour 100 ml of vodka. Insist in a dark place for 6-8 days.
  3. After a specified time the remedy can be rubbed into the hair roots in its purest form. The composition is suitable as an additional component for some masks. An alternative in the fight against fat is a combination of aloe, skate and lemon.

Aloe Vera to stimulate hair growth

  1. Mask based on aloe Vera occupies a leading position on the stimulation of hair growth. Not every tool can compete with a similar composition. To achieve maximum effect, you first need to prepare the decoction on the basis of nettles.
  2. Join in the Cup of 90 ml. of broth, egg yolk 35 gr. aloe Vera gel, 15 ml. castorea oleum, pulp of garlic from one tooth. Thoroughly mix the components. Spread the composition across the length of the hair, put cosmetic cap. Wrap head with a towel.
  3. Wait half an hour, rinse with the classical way. To knock down the smell of garlic, the head need to wash with shampoo several times. After that, rinse your hair with vinegar.

Aloe Vera for dandruff

  1. Compositions on the basis of aloe juice is able to solve problems with hair and scalp. The systematic application of funds will eliminate weakness and dry hair. Mask do well with dandruff and seborrhea.
  2. Mix 60 gr. of aloe juice, 30 ml lemon juice, 50 gr. floral honey, 15 ml. castorea oleum. Achieve from components to a homogeneous mass.
  3. RUB the composition into the scalp for some time. Take cover in the classical way, wait 45 minutes. Wash your head with shampoo, rinse the hair with herbal decoction.

Aloe Vera for hair

  1. For hair you can use a unique tool. For its preparation you need to mix in equal proportions the paste small onions and aloe. Add to the mixture 10 ml. of almond oil and 15 g. fresh honey.
  2. Also to the components it is recommended to add 90 ml. of the decoction on the basis of a burdock. Apply to hair, cover. Wait about 1 hour.
  3. Remember, the head should be warm. To eliminate the onion smell, add a little to shampoo vinegar.

Aloe Vera against hair loss

  1. To cope with the problem of hair loss, it is recommended to apply a mask based on mustard and aloe. Keep in mind, these tools are allowed to use during normal and pingue type of hair.
  2. Mustard for dry scalp can play a cruel joke with you, not worth the risk. In other cases, for the preparation of the composition required to take 35 grams. aloe juice, mustard powder, skate and 2 egg yolks. Mix ingredients until smooth.
  3. Liberally treat the root part of the head and take cover, wait half an hour. Rinse the part with warm water and shampoo. A similar procedure can be carried out not more than 1 time a week.
  4. The alternative to the above recipe may be the means of cream, aloe, mustard and egg yolks. The proportions need to take are the same as mentioned earlier. In this case, the yolks can be beaten in advance. The tool should be distributed to the roots and wait a third hour.

Aloe Vera is one of the most useful plants to date. The value stems spreading on the hair, using the juice or gel you eliminate many problems of hair. Aloe greasy, slow growth, dandruff and hair loss. Before the first meeting make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients.