Popular salon treatments for hair restoration

A time when beauty could only come for a haircut or coloring, irrevocably gone. Now the era of healthy and well-groomed hair. And as salon care for most of the visitors is unknown track (and for someone even the dark forest), tell you what salon treatments are in trend now and what should do now to literally find their hair.

If your hair is in good condition, their quality, luster, density and strength suit you, you carefully selected home care, which will be maintained and protected from environmental influences. If there are moments of nursing you want to study, without the help of salon procedures is not enough.

The procedure lamination hair.

Is the intense filling in the "voids" of the hair. They make a special tool, which is a protective film, saving it the harmful effects of the environment.

Important: lamination should not be performed on excessively damaged and just painted the hair. First fill them keratins, and then do this treatment.lamination

Glossing Service

It is a complete hair restoration of all types with an emphasis on gloss, smoothness, Shine and strength. After this procedure, you can be sure that the hair is not just to be protected. At Glossing no contraindications: you can try the service regardless of your type of hair and its condition.

Express service is the "Molecular cocktail"

Is the use of unique concentrates, each of which, depending on the active ingredient helps to solve one of the most common problems. So, if you have damaged, tired hair, give them volume and to restore them from the inside will help, for example, molecular concentrate Miracle Morpher Kick up Protein with increased protein content. In turn, ceramide in the composition, filling a void in the outer layer of the cuticle of the hair, strengthen them and prevent breakage. Other molecular concentrate with lipids Miracle Morpher Slim Down Lipid helps to protect the hair from negative influence of ultraviolet radiation, humidity and temperature changes, which is extremely important for the modern woman. For maximum effect, the master in the beauty salon selects a combination of molecular concentrates each client individually.

Mineral peeling scalp

Recommended for those who suffer from the problem of oily scalp and oily roots and dry ends. Peeling helps to clear the scalp from accumulation of gels and varnishes provide good volume at the roots. It is important that the procedure, everything else, has no contraindications, it is suitable even for children and adolescents, for example, in puberty, when the hair have increased "greasiness". peeling scalp

In General, the withdrawal is not more than half an hour, and the result after the first procedure are visible immediately. Cleansing scalp with peeling normalizes Ph balance and the sebaceous glands, improves the blood circulation.

Two-step professional system of hair restoration

provides restoration of severely damaged hair due to the use of advanced patented technology. Legume peptides and plant extract Gotu Kola deeply moisturize and restore damaged hair, a complex of amino acids and lipids dramatically improves their quality and enhances durability. A conditioning component, extracts of Camellia and argan oil smooth Shine, making hair smooth and supple.

Procedure master is doing in 2 stages: repairing and regenerating serum and then cream. It is a real salvation for oily, volume-lacking hair.