Mask for damaged hair restores

Which only stresses and tests are not subject to our tresses. Daily styling, perming and straightening, staining, discoloration, wash off the paint and shading of strands in a different color; all these experiments have a negative impact on the condition of the hair. As a result, we no longer get the hairstyle of your dreams, and dry, damaged, weakened and split hair. Just drawing attention to the negative effects of all these manipulations, we begin to think about how to regenerate the hair, restoring it's former health, beauty and Shine.

Despite the numerous treatments offered by beauticians and trichologists, you can restore your hair at home. This will take some time, patience and regular application of paint, which made his own and only natural ingredients.

Mechanical damage to the strands

mask for instant hair restoration

Many women who refuse to use dryers, irons, waxes and mousses for styling, sometimes you wonder, why they fade the curls become damaged and brittle. Actually the reason is very simple. For those who don't puts curls on a daily basis, have some way to create hair. Many use Bobby pins, metal barrettes and hairpins. They are the reason for this state of hair.

Another very common factor causing damage curls -; improper brushing metal massage brushes. Also, many women tend to quickly brush strands. Often highly tangled strands fast and strong aggressive trying to unravel what the hair is not only damaged, but also starting to fall out.

What to do? First, you need to replace all metal clips on softer or abandon them altogether. Not suitable as a hair bands with small beads and other decorative elements. Comb damaged hair must be very carefully and accurately. It is advisable to buy a comb of natural materials.

Hot oil for damaged hair

If you don't know how to recover quickly in the hair, this mask is for you. It gives very fast and visible effect with daily use.

For preparation will need:

  • 3 tbsp olive oil (you can use burdock or castor);
  • 1 tbsp of honey.

All the ingredients must be mixed in a glass container and bring to boil. Let the mixture cool slightly to a temperature of 50-40 degrees, after which applied to dry curls. For a uniform distribution of the mask on the strands is recommended using a wooden comb with a few teeth. In the head to put on plastic cap and wrap with a towel. After 15-20 minutes wash your hair with shampoo.

The abuse of heat tools for styling hair

This is one of the most common causes of damage to the tresses. Under high temperatures the moisture from the hair evaporates, the strands become dry, dull and frizzy. At the time of treatment should abandon thermal styling tools.

To restore damaged by high temperatures curls ideal moisturizing mask.

Chamomile and honey

Masks containing honey, with the regular use may slightly lighten hair. If the color of the hair is very important to you, consider this fact.

To prepare means you need to take:

  • 1 tsp. dried chamomile flowers;
  • 100 ml of boiling water;
  • 1 tbsp of honey.

Inflorescences pour boiling water and put on fire. A quarter of an hour after boiling broth add honey. The resulting broth is cooled, filtered and applied to the wet strands. After half an hour wash your hair without shampoo.

Burdock oil

Very effective in the case of hair damaged by heat treatment. Preparing is quite easy and does not require large expenditures. To apply you only need once a week. In order to quickly restore hair in the home, oil-based, you need to add more of these ingredients:

  • 3 tbsp of burdock oil;
  • 2 egg yolks;
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder.

The mixture to keep the curls for at least an hour, then rinse them with a solution of water with vinegar. To avoid unpleasant smell, instead of vinegar use lemon juice.

Make sure that the mask does not hit the protein. Under the action of high temperatures, he quickly rolled on the hair and subsequently very difficult to wash off

Restore hair after bleaching

restore hair after bleaching

Brittle, unruly curls -; it is inalienable; the companion of clarification. To recover damaged locks will take a lot of time and effort. If maintaining beautiful hair is more important than the new image, you will have to make some sacrifices: to abandon the pilings by any means and to forget about painting.

Here you can achieve excellent results with the application of homemade masks, but it will take more than one month. To restore curls at home, we recommend the following:

  • the shampoo to choose organic shampoos that do not contain silicones, harmful alkalis and perfumes;
  • add in tools for hair care liquid vitamins in capsules E, A, B6 and B12, which are sold in pharmacies and are inexpensive. Mix them with shampoo immediately before use or applied on the strands before shampooing;
  • instead of balm or conditioner, use rinse-mint broth for cooking that you need 3 tablespoons of the mint can insist on boiling water for one hour. Pour the broth into a convenient container and dip the hair for 5 minutes.

Restore hair after bleaching

Regular discoloration leads to dire consequences for the hair. Restore them at home very difficult. Many people do not have the patience and they go to salons. But if you're willing to work hard at bringing curls to the right home, I can recommend 2 potent and very effective hair masks.

Mask with aloe

This mask ;the eyes transforms curls. After its application can only envy your hair.

This is a very cheap and incredibly effective tool, for which you will need:

  • 1 tbsp aloe juice;
  • 1 tbsp of castor oil;
  • 1 tbsp of honey.

All the ingredients must be mixed until a homogeneous mass, put on the scalp massage movements, after which the remainder of the funds distributed over the entire length of the strands. After half an hour wash your hair with running warm water without using shampoo.

The mask of colorless henna

This mask is suitable not only for repairing the damaged tresses but also significantly strengthen them. You can use henna as a standalone tool. But if you don't know how to recover hair density, add diluted to the desired consistency, the mixture of the decoction of nettles. Regular use of this mask will help make the locks incredibly beautiful, restoring it's elasticity, restore damaged hair structure and make hair thicker by adding visual volume to the strands, and by thickening each individual hair.

Useful tips

After reading our article, you now know how to quickly restore hair at home. But beyond the basic techniques, I would like to focus on some points. Their implementation will strengthen the effect of home restore curls.

  1. For making masks and other home remedies for hair care don't use metal utensils and items. Certainly in every house there is a glass or ceramic cookware, which for these purposes will be most welcome.
  2. Do not try ;to seal off split ends by different means. It is very difficult to make the owners of healthy hair, not to mention those whose hair needs recovery. The only correct solution would be to regularly shear off the length of curls a few inches.
  3. Mask homemade quite effective. But it is important to observe a measure. Do not attempt to use all means, as the curls are no longer perceived as useful components. Choose the most appropriate mask or a decoction of and regularly use them, according to the recommendations of the recipe.
  4. Every 4-6 months to change the means to care for locks (masks, shampoos, conditioners). Continuous use of the same brand leads to a decrease in their effectiveness. But one should not constantly change shampoos and masks, since it is possible to achieve a completely opposite effect.
  5. Perform regular head massage. Take this procedure of 5-10 minutes a day. You can also perform massage, which is light circular motions with the pads of the fingers from the neck to the temporal and frontal part of the head, while washing the hair.

We tried to answer the basic question of how to repair at home hair without resorting to expensive drugs and procedures. If you make our recommendations for the basic rule and will unquestioningly carry, make sure you get the hair of your dreams.

Features of application of masks for dry and damaged hair

the features of the masks for damaged hair
  1. The masks for damaged hair is often eggs, honey, dairy products. If you chose this recipe, heat the components through the oven or water bath to 45 degrees.
  2. Before first use make test to detect an allergic reaction. Part of apply behind the ear, soak a third of the hour and remove. In the absence of red spots and pimples and start the procedure.
  3. It is impossible to prepare home remedies for future use. Use mask immediately after mixing all the ingredients. Choose only fresh ingredients, which preserved all the beneficial enzymes.
  4. In the case where the mask contains egg whites, natural oil or medicinal air, do not heat the mixture. Otherwise the egg will curdle and the oil will lose its properties.
  5. Make sure that you have blender or grinder, pestle, mortar, sticks and the necessary containers of glass or ceramics. A lot need to bring to homogeneity prior to application.
  6. Almost all revitalizing mask should be applied on dirty hair. For this reason, it is advisable not to wash my hair for 2 days before the procedure. For best adhesion, moisten the strands with water spray.
  7. Hair restoration takes place within the roots and structure of hair. First, apply the mask on the scalp, do a five minute massage. Then stretch the composition to tips. Be sure to create a thermal effect with cling film.
  8. Masks based on natural oil and yogurt can withstand up to 7 hours, so it is advisable to leave the squad on the night. The duration of all other funds in the range of 30;60 minutes.
  9. As a way of flushing prefer slightly warm water and shampoo without parabens, silicone, sulphates. In addition apply the balm to achieve a complete result.
  10. For the duration of the therapy, it is desirable to abandon the use of devices that operate at high temperature. Otherwise, reduce speed to a minimum.