Expert tips on hair care

Beautiful hair is one of the main components of the image. However, to style your hair if they are weak or devoid of, almost impossible. To strands were healthy, smooth and manageable, you need to adhere to the rules of professional care and to use special tools.

beautiful hair

Unlike the mass-market

The modern market offers a wide range of care cosmetics for the hair. It's all kinds of shampoos, balms, conditioners, sprays, masks and more. When you select a specific tool, it is important to realize the purpose of its use.

The usual cosmetics for a wide range of consumers focused on the cleansing of dirt and surface care, and is divided into several types depending on the type of scalp. There are such means, which is indicated for use after staining, dryness and breakage. However, the use of the products of the mass market has no effect shiny and silky hair if you only do not possess these properties by nature.

Professional products are different from the normal a higher concentration of active ingredients and the best quality of raw materials used, whereby after application of an effective result. The difference lies in the greater specialization of professional cosmetics.

Different formulations can affect the thickness, Shine, smoothness, aging hair, to moisturize and nourish them. Often the main task of professional nursing is the preservation and restoration of color damaged hair after dyeing or toning.

Quality cosmetics has its own particular use. To care was the most effective and suitable, you should consult with a hairdresser. The specialist will advise what range of care is better to choose and how to properly use it.

Please note! Mainly concentrated funds is not recommended to apply on the hair every day because it is their weight.

Advantages of professional cosmetics:

care before and after
  • as the beauty industry develops very quickly, manufacturers of high quality products continually update and improve their cosmetic products and develop new and useful compositions;
  • the presence in the composition of cosmetics quality washing base, nourishing oils, proteins, coenzyme Q10, omega-3 fatty acids, arginine, collagen and other nutrients;
  • high efficiency;
  • the ability to restore hair in the home;
  • after using professional tools locks look healthy, shiny and more dense, they are soft to the touch and retain its elasticity;
  • efficiency (usually a product small flow, and it is sold in large volumes).


  • high cost;
  • the need to buy the whole kit to receive the manufacturer effect, since the principle of operation of the line is in the interaction between related components and extracts;
  • the difficulty of shopping in small towns in the absence of professional stores;
  • not an organic compound, the presence of sulfates, parabens and silicones;
  • some of the tools aimed at achieving short-term "decorative" effect, i.e., they do not help to solve the problem, only mask it.

Indications for use

Manufacturers of professional cosmetics every year release a new line of hair care. Such funds can use of the owner of the hair, porous, colored, frizzy, dry, thin, Mature, hard, lacking volume, etc.

The composition of each professional products are developed strictly under the solution to a specific problem and effectively cope with it, for this reason, among high-quality cosmetics to meet the means "2-in-1".

To choose a professional skin and makeup is in the case when the hair is naturally healthy, supple and thick, as it respects the lipid barrier of the scalp. The products of the mass market, on the contrary, over time can damage it and lead to such problems as dandruff, rapid pollution, lack of natural volume, etc.

Rules for the use of professional tools


professional care

Cleanse scalp is the first and most important step in hair care. To make it as effective and do not hurt, you need to follow the advice of professionals:

  1. To wash the head is necessary as pollution. Hair quickly becomes greasy, and wash them daily or every 2 days, whereas thick — every 3-4. When selecting a shampoo with a quality part of the daily cleansing of the scalp will not bring harm.
  2. Water for washing is recommended to boil or filter, if this is not possible, you should pay attention to the shampoos that neutralize the harmful effects of hard and chlorinated water.
  3. For rinsing shampoo is better to use warm water, hot can injure hair and stimulate increased production of the sebaceous secretion. To bring fresh blood and nutrients to the scalp should be rinsed with water of contrasting temperatures (warm and cool).
  4. It is good to cleanse the scalp from dirt and dead skin particles, you need to use shampoo twice. First application and wash aimed at deep cleaning of dirt and dead skin particles, and the second, for deeper penetration of the funds in the scales of the hair.

Balms, conditioners and masks

The main goal is to restore the structure of hair. These tools are manufactured for all hair types, including dyed, damaged, etc. After application of the strands become manageable, smooth and shiny.

Application rules: whatever action one had a mask, its effect depends on the proper application. Manufacturers always specify on the reverse side of the package recommendations for the use of funds. Most often it should be applied to clean wet hair, spreading along the entire length. The scalp is better not to touch to avoid the weighting of the strands. Wash off the mask after 5-10 minutes with warm water.

You should consider the rules of application. Balms need to use every time after shampooing to ease brushing and maintain the health of the hair. A small amount of cura funds apply to the entire length of the strands, from root to tip. You should gently comb the head comb for better distribution. The tool holding head 1 to 5 minutes and wash off with warm water. Among the balms there are leave-in products that nourish the tresses the whole day.

Rules of use of air conditioners:

  1. Air conditioning, unlike balms are used to protect the hair from external influences. They are less nutrients.
  2. Apply a cosmetic means is gently washed strands, without touching the roots, not to lose volume.
  3. To wash away the conditioner must after 1-2 minutes, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations.

Oils, sprays and serums

Using oils is a great way to complete the styling and give the hair extra care and protection during the day. To apply, simply just a small amount should be applied to the entire length of hair, if they are dense and thick, owners of fine hair should avoid getting oil on the roots and scalp.

Rules of application of sprays: sprays depend on their type. Means for creating volume applied only to the root area, then gently massage it. Atomizing spray is recommended at a distance of 15-20 cm from the head in wet strands. After that they are placed in the dryer or Ironing.

Restorative or protective spray should be applied to clean, wet hair along the entire length. It is advisable to massage the skin for better action means.

Important! Sprays for Shine and smoothing can be applied to dry strands. The amount should be moderate to avoid bonding.

Rules for the use of serum: in order to correctly use the serum, you need to carefully study the recommendations of the manufacturer. For example, serum from falling out is applied to the entire length and roots, and flagellum all, only on the tips. Also vary method of application: the serum can be applied to wet or dry, but clean hair.

Before applying the best slightly warm, terram in his hands. After application, it is important to insulate the head and to withstand the specified on the packaging time

Ampoule and liquid keratin


Ampoules aimed at deep recovery hair.

Ampoule treatment for hair loss and brittle hair requires a responsible approach and strict implementation of the rules of use, as this drug.

To choose an effective tool, you must first consult a trichologist. The doctor will determine the extent of damage and hair loss depends on the dosage of the therapeutic drug.

Apply ampoule composition, it is recommended to clean damp or dry hair, depending on the directions on the package. Over time using one vial. Its contents should be spread evenly along the lines of partings and massage movements rubbed into the scalp. Do not rinse, the composition must remain on the head until the next wash. The frequency of use and alternation with other ampoules (if any) specified by the manufacturer.

Keratin impact on regeneration of the hair structure, strengthens panthenol and sunflower seed extract softens hair and adds Shine. Rules of application: a concentrated keratin need to use infrequently, about 1-2 times a week depending on the condition of the hair. It does not weigh down the strands, so it can be applied to the entire length of the roots of clean, damp hair, focusing on ends. To keep such a tool for a professional result it is necessary 15-20 minutes, then rinse and use a conditioner.

Sarcina funds

Rules for the use of foam for hair: apply to slightly damp clean hair. Depending on the length of hair the amount of used tools should resemble a small egg (for short) or big Apple (for a long). After applying the sarcina are drying.

Rules of application of the wax for styling: wax — a powerful simulating tool. Distribute it to gently. Thin short hair requires quite a bit of money, thick and long – a little more. Before use RUB wax in hands to make it easier to apply. Hair should be dry or slightly damp, depending on the instructions. After applying you can start packing.

The recommendations of the professionals

care tips

For healthy hair it is not enough just to apply professional makeup. Care must be comprehensive and, therefore, need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Food. Balanced meals nourishes the entire body and the nutrients have a positive effect on the health of skin, hair and nails from the inside. The diet should include nuts, avocados, fish, and vegetables, i.e. foods rich in vitamins and omega acids. If food useful components is not enough, you should also drink a course of vitamins, for example, Vitrum bjuti, Centrum, the problem for the Expert.
  2. Food additives. Beneficial effect on the body will have a reception beer yeast. In their composition all the necessary vitamins and substances which help to normalize the intestinal microflora and hormones, cleanse the body of toxins.
  3. Protection from external factors. Hair should be protected from sun exposure using protective oil, thermal water and wearing a hat. Resting on the sea, you need to protect from salt water: hair should be rinsed with fresh water and use nourishing masks. To minimize the negative effects of low temperatures in winter, it is necessary to hide the hair in the clothes in snowy or rainy weather, active use of masks and serums.
  4. Personal hygiene. Winter hats need to be washed once every 2-3 weeks because they accumulate the sebaceous secretion which is actively secreted in cold weather. Combs are better to choose from natural materials and wash with soap and water 1 time a week. The pillowcase from the pillow should be changed every 3 days, since the deposited dead skin particles and dirt, it is also advisable not to touch the strands with your hands and not cheat on their fingers.